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                Child Pornography

                Los Angeles Child Pornography Defense Attornney

                If you have been charged with a child pornography crime in California, contact an experienced?child pornography criminal defense attorney?immediately. You have rights, so exercise those rights before talking to prosecutors or police about your arrest. R.J. Manuelian is a?Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer?with experience in representation of clients who face child pornography charges. Contact him for a consultation today.

                Child Pornography Crime in California

                With federal and state judicial systems taking particular interest in and investing significant resources in the investigation and prosecution of child pornography crimes, prosecution of?child pornography?offenders is growing exponentially. Along with this diligent effort to find and prosecute distributors of child pornography come countless cases of allegations against individuals who really aren’t the criminals they appear to be. Consequently, people who would never have dreamt of being accused of possession or distribution of child pornography are finding themselves in court for the crime.

                Federal law?says that?child pornography?is any “visual depiction of a child engaging in sexually explicit conduct.” That depiction may be in the form of a computer-generated image or picture, a photograph, traditional picture, film, or video, and can be created through electronic, mechanical or other means, and be a portrayal of actual sexual intercourse or a simulation. Basically any form of possession, production, selling or distribution of any type of child pornography is a crime in California, punishable by jail, heavy fines and sex offender registration requirements.

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                Child Pornography Defense Attorney

                Fiercely aggressive in prosecuting and sentencing child pornographers, California prosecutors and judges seem to be inclined to assume that if you are a child pornography defendant, you are probably guilty of the crime. Thus, the importance of engaging the services of a knowledgeable, aggressive criminal defense attorney of your own is paramount to your defense should you be charged with a child pornography offense.?

                A criminal charge of child pornography has the potential to be prosecuted in either a state or federal court of law, with a variety of criminal charges being related to the crime. Some of the most often prosecuted?child pornography crimes in California?include:?Child Pornography Possession;??Child Pornography Distribution;?Possession of Obscene Material.;?Penetration Enhancement;?Pre-pubescent Enhancement;?Quantity Enhancements; or?Peer to Peer Sharing of Child Pornography.

                As with any criminal offense, prosecution for a?child pornography crime?must meet the standard of a jury finding you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of being in actual possession of illegal child pornography images. In the case of child pornography found on your computer, the prosecution must prove that you were aware that the images were on your computer and that the images were not digitally-created, a tall order.

                Penalties for Possession of Child Pornography

                Certain child pornography crimes carry mandatory sentences, so be careful not to allow a prosecutor coerce you into pleading guilty no matter what he or she promises in return. The stigma and consequences of pleading guilty to a child pornography charge will not go away no matter how you take care of the situation. Plus, many times a good defense attorney can find successful arguments or devise a solid strategy to fight your charge that could result in a dismissal or acquittal. It is vital that you contact an?experienced criminal defense attorney?if you have been?charged with a child pornography crime in California.?

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