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                Computer Crimes

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                Computer crimes do not always include imprisonment as there are a variety of alternative options for sentencing, if circumstances allow. An?experienced computer crime defense attorney?who has thorough knowledge of computers and the strategies that most often work in computer crime cases?R.J. Manuelian?has both the computer technology knowledge and criminal defense experience you want when faced with a computer crime charge. Contact him today for a free evaluation of your case.

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                If you or someone you love has been accused of a California computer crime, it is important to understand the penalties that accompany a computer crimes conviction. We invite you to contact our the Manuelian Law Firm and speak to a experienced computer crimes defense attorney in Los Angeles. Call now for a free consultation and case review at (213) 401-2777.


                California Computer Crimes: Comprehensive Computer Data Access and Fraud Act?

                In California most Internet and computer crimes are prosecuted as a felony, which means that the conviction of a computer crime may incur substantial prison time in addition to other penalties. In California, computer crime statutes are found under PC 502 (c) and are collectively known as the Comprehensive Computer Data Access and Fraud Act.?The Comprehensive Computer Data Access and Fraud act is aimed at convicting individuals who break into computer systems to find private or unauthorized information and hackers, California’s computer statutes recognize nine ways that you can break the law by using the Internet or a computer.

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                In California you can be criminalizes for many computer-related activities that affect the functionality, use, or confidentiality of computer data, computer systems, and networks.

                California’s computer statutes recognize nine ways that you can break the law by using the Internet or a computer. These nine ways include:

                Altering, damaging, deleting, destroying or using data, a computer, a computer system, or computer network to execute a fraudulent scheme or to control the property of another for financial gain, the taking of property or the taking of data.

                Taking, copying or using data that isn’t yours.

                Using computer services that aren’t yours.

                Adding, altering, damaging, deleting, or destroying data, computer software, or computer programs.

                Disruption of denial of computer services.

                Provision of a way to access a computer network or system.

                Unauthorized accession of a computer, computer system or computer network.

                Introduction of a contaminant to a computer, system, or network (introduction of a computer virus).

                Use of the Internet domain name of another to send emails that damage a computer, system or network.

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                While computers are now an essential part of our lives, both in our private lives and at work, they also leave us open to computer crimes, both as a victim and a perpetrator. With the various tasks that can be performed via the Internet and the overwhelming amount of information available online, any one of us could accidentally commit a computer crime and be totally unaware that we have done something illegal. Representing a broad category of crimes, computer crimes (cybercrimes) range from identity theft and hacking to stalking and child pornography violations.?

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