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                California employment laws protect employees from harassment in the workplace including sexual harassment and hostile work environment.?Harassment can occur when a co-worker, manager, or supervisor directs inappropriate or unwelcome conduct at a employee based on a protected class.These protected classes include race, disability, religion, sex, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, or pregnancy.

                California state law pursuant to the Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) governs these employee discrimination and harassment laws. Moreover, California law prohibits both employers and employees from harassing any worker including employees, where a manager or not, as well as interns. In California employment sexual harassment and harassment cases the courts consider several factors to determine whether the employee suffered harassment in the work place.?For instance, in sexual harassment cases, “unwelcome” or “unwanted” verbal or physical conduct can be considered as harassment. Generally, unwelcome or unwanted physical touching is the most blatant type of harassment, as opposed to words or verbal harassment.

                As such, in California, verbal comments, jokes, or insults without physical touching, can still be enough to constitute harassment. However, in order to be actionable, the comments, jokes, insults, or derogatory statements must be “severe or pervasive”.?If you believe that you have suffered unlawful employment sexual harassment or sexual harassment contact the Manuelian Law Firm today at (213) 401-2777 for a consultation.

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