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                Los Angeles Expungment Lawyer

                You Can Rely on R.J. Manuelian for Experienced Representation in Your California Expungement Case

                If you believe that you might qualify for the granting of an?Expungement in California, you need the representation of a California defense attorney who has successfully obtained Expungement petitions for others in similar situations. R.J. Manuelian has successfully represented clients in the obtaining of a California Expungement. With experience in the complex negotiations that surround an Expungement petition, R.J. is the?California criminal defense lawyer?you wanting on your side for representation. He’ll analyze your case, perform the legal research necessary to knowledgeably represent you, file the appropriate paperwork within the proper time-frames, attend your Expungement hearing and present your case to the court. Contact him today for assistance with your Expungement petition.

                Free Consultation and Case Review

                How to Qualify for Expungment in California?

                To qualify for the consideration of an Expungement if you were convicted of a felony or misdemeanor offense, the following must exist:

                1. Successful completion of probation or the achievement of an early termination of your probation (payment of all restitution and fines, completion of any community service, counseling programs, etc. as required)
                2. You are not currently charged with a criminal offense
                3. You are not currently serving probation for a criminal offense
                4. You attended all required court appearances (you or your attorney)
                5. You are not serving time for a criminal offense
                6. You did not serve time in a California state prison
                7. Your offense was not sodomy with a child, oral copulation with a child or rape

                Other than the above-stated requirements, a California court has broad discretion as to whether or not to grant or deny an Expungement petition. Some of the other factors that a judge might consider include things like:

                • Your performance while on probation
                • The seriousness of your original conviction
                • Your criminal history
                • Any additional evidence that demonstrates why you are entitled the granting of an Expungement
                • The opportunities you might have to gain employment
                • Your responsibility to support your family
                • Strong community ties
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