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                Federal Crimes Defense Attorney

                Federal Crimes Defense Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

                The Manuelian Law Firm, exclusively practices criminal defense and has extensive experience with all federal crimes such as Federal drug crimes, Federal child pornography, Fraud, money laundering, Bank Fraud, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud,
                Federal White Collar Crimes, and more.

                In Federal criminal cases, the Federal prosecutors are known as the Assistant United States Attorneys. They tend to have fewer cases than state prosecutors and they tend to spend more time working on the cases they bring. That means that if you are in federal court, and a federal prosecutor has already decided that your case is one that he or she is giving attention to. Sentencing is based on the federal sentencing guidelines, and a range of federal laws that govern how a sentenced is to be imposed in federal court.? These are technical areas of the law that are tremendously complex and thus require a skilled attorney with experience in representing clients facing Federal charges.

                An allegation of a Federal white collar crime, such as fraud, wire or tax evasion, can potentially destroy your finances, employment, and reputation. If you, or someone you know, is facing a federal white collar crime, contact a Los Angeles Federal crimes lawyer that is both aggressive and experienced in Federal crimes.?Call now: (213) 401-2777, se habla Espa?ol.

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