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                Murder Appeals Attorney

                California Murder Appeal Attorney

                California murder appeals can be a confusing process and require a skilled Los Angeles murder appeals attorney to help fight your case. If you feel an error was made in convicting you of a crime or in determining your sentence, you have a chance to fight your conviction by filing a criminal appeal under California Penal Code Section 1237. In California any person convicted of a felony can file an appeal within 60 days from the date of conviction. If you or someone you know wishes to file an appeal, it is recommended you should speak to an experienced criminal appeal lawyer immediately. A skilled California?appellate lawyer can determine if you have grounds to file an appeal. Call (213) 401-2777 now, se habla Espa?ol.?

                California Criminal Appellate Court

                An California criminal appellate court will not weigh the evidence from your case during an appeal. In other words, an California appeals court will not second-guess the decision of the jury in believe that a witness was telling the truth, no matter how much the witness seemed to be lying. California criminal appellate court is rather reviewing is the legal errors or misconduct that made the criminal trial process unfair and or prejudicial to the defense.?

                Free Criminal Defense Consultation

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                Los Angeles Murder Appeal Attorney

                A skilled Los Angeles?murder appeals lawyer can determine if you have grounds to file an appeal. There are a few common legal reasons why someone may have standing to with a criminal appeal. Attorney RJ Manuelian has been a criminal defense lawyer for over 17 years and has the skill necessary to help win your case including California felony murder charges.

                Common Grounds for Appealing a Murder Conviction in California

                The most common grounds for appealing a murder conviction in California are:

                • Insufficiency of Evidence
                • Prosecutorial Misconduct
                • Juror Misconduct
                • Judicial Error
                • Ineffective Assistance of Counselattorney

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