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                Theft Crimes

                Los Angeles Theft Crimes Defense Attorney

                An experienced, Los Angeles?criminal defense attorney?skilled?in theft crimes?can help you with various theft charges such as, burglary, robbery, grand theft, petty theft, and?auto theft.?

                Most theft related crimes carry stiff sentences. But it also carries a lifetime of regret and personal pain. Los Angeles defense attorney RJ Manuelian is experienced in successfully reducing or dropping theft related charges. If you have been accused or charged with a theft crime, contact RJ at the Manuelian Law Office at (213)-401-2777.?Theft?crimes?are a serious matter.?A theft conviction on your criminal record could be damaging to your reputation. It may even disqualify you from a job with responsibilities that include the handling of valuable merchandise and monetary transactions. A conviction can mean that you may have a reputation of someone who cannot be trusted. No one wants to live with a theft conviction. Neither should you.

                Types of Theft Crimes

                There are several different types of theft crimes. They include and are defined as follows:

                Burglary– The crime of burglary occurs when a person illegally gains entry into a residence or business with the intent to commit a crime, particularly theft.

                Robbery– A criminal act where theft takes place against another individual. The crime can be committed if the actor uses a weapon intended to either intimidate or harm a victim.

                Grand Theft-In California,?theft?involving property or merchandise with an estimated value of $950 or above is considered grand theft.

                Petty Theft-Petty theft can also be defined as shoplifting, theft by deception, or embezzlement. Most petty thefts occur when property valued up to $500 is stolen.

                Auto Theft– Auto theft occurs when the actor commits the act of theft involving an automobile.

                Free Consultation and Case Review

                Theft Crimes Defense Attorney

                For instance, if you have been arrested or charged with robbery, attempted robbery, or armed robbery in Los Angeles, R..J. Manuelian?is a?Los Angeles theft criminal defense lawyer?with the skill to assist you in your defense. With extensive criminal defense experience, R.J. diligently fights for the rights of his clients and uses his many resources to challenge the prosecutor’s case and craft a defense strategy to facilitate the best possible outcome for your case.

                Robbery is the taking of a possession of a person. Differentiated from theft by the fact that theft is an offense against property and robbery is an offense against a person, a robbery charge is more highly penalized due to its potential to harm the victim of the offense.?

                An experienced, skilled Los Angeles?robbery defense lawyer?will often attempt to suppress evidence of a weapon in an alleged robbery by challenging the procedures used to obtain the weapon. Law enforcement officers must perform search and seizure procedures in a precise way. Anytime those procedures are not strictly adhered to, a motion to suppress the weapon evidence may be successful, meaning that the charges could be reduced from armed robbery to unarmed robbery or larceny. Depending upon the circumstances of the successful suppression, all charges may be completely dismissed.

                In California,?Penal Code?211?governs the crime of robbery and is a felony. Robbery is defined as the “taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear.” Consequently, for the taking to constitute a robbery, the possession must be taken from either the owner’s person or in his or her immediate presence.

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