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                Violent Crimes

                Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer

                Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer specializing in several different violent crimes such as murder, attempted murder, voluntary manslaughter, child abuse, kidnapping, and assault and battery. Criminal defense attorney RJ Manuelian has a deep knowledge and understanding of violent crimes.

                Your case is worth fighting for with RJ on your side. If you have been accused of a violent crime, contact the Manuelian Law Office at (213)-401-2777.?It is important to have a defense attorney that you can trust if and when you face are accused or questioned for violent crimes. It is imperative not to speak with investigative authorities without seeking legal counsel first in these situations.?

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                Examples of Violent Crimes

                Murder– An act of homicide when the perpetrator kills a person or fetus with malicious intent. The penalty for murder can either be a life imprisonment or death. Those convicted of murder are often handed the latter sentence. There are three types of murder:

                Elder Abuse: Any acts of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse against a person age sixty-five (65) or older is considered elder abuse. Other acts include any type of financial exploitation of an elder.

                Kidnapping: Kidnapping is a crime when the perpetrator acts in taking, holding, or detaining of another person by force and moving them to another location against their will. Kidnapping is considered a violent crime. The crime is also considered a “strike” under California’s “Three Strikes Law”. Kidnapping carries serious penalties including a long-term prison sentence.

                Hate Crimes: A violent crime that occurs due to a victim’s sexual orientation, race, disability, religion, or gender is constituted as a hate crime. While the issue of equality and freedom are usually debated, hate crimes will likely carry harsh penalties.

                Assault: An unlawful attempt to commit a violent injury against a person. Injury to a victim does not necessarily need to occur in order for the act to be considered assault.

                Battery: A willful, unlawful attempt to use force or violence against another person.

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